The Mooncup and our Test-Drivers

At Period Power we are constantly looking at ways to help our fellow sisters during what may be the painful, mood-swinging monthly cycle.

The Mooncup provides an ecological alternative to pads and tampons. It’s reusable, so you’re not constantly throwing away wrappers or pads and tampons. Instead, you wash it after each use and it’s good to go! This alternative to traditional products provides women with a more sustainable product and in the long term, can be cheaper. This therefore reduces the amount of waste that is concomitant with sanitary products, which come with plastic and fibres that can’t be fully recycled.

Mooncup are produced by an ethical business run by women and is certified by the Vegan Society. On average a woman spends six and a half years of her life menstruating. During that time, she would use around 11,000 disposable sanitary products. That’s a lot. Not only is that costly, but there is always the impact on the environment to consider. These products will remain on our planet far longer than we will as sanitary products can take centuries to biodegrade.

The cost of a Mooncup is the equivalent to the average cost you would spend on sanitary products over a six to eight month period, so anything after that it a saving; as long as you care for the cup properly, you can safely use it for years. The cost can be off-putting for some and searching the internet can give prices ranging from around £10-£20. The cleaning of the cup may also make these products unfeasible for some. Access to clean water so that the Mooncup can be thoroughly cleaned as recommended is a necessity and we are aware of cultural requirements that may make them unsuitable.

We are pleased to announce our two test-drivers for our Mooncup trial,

Mooncup blogger


Surina has children and has heavy periods.


Mooncup blogger

Shakira is a young university student who has severe cramp when on her periods.




We look forward to their blogs and thank both Surina and Shakira in advance for their honesty and openness.
Some women have rejected the menstrual cup claiming it’s the new cup of vintage-shopping, tree-hugging, flat-white drinking, vegan hipsters. Please. This isn’t a political statement.

It’s just a feminine hygiene product. One that works too.

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