Who we are, and why we are Period Power

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Linda Allbutt and I am the founder of Period Power. As you will have seen from our website we are a group of women who have joined forces to do our very best to raise awareness of the plight of some women which is now known as “period poverty”.

We are determined to do our very best to eradicate this iniquity in our society and with your help we may well achieve this.

As you get to know me you will see that I sometimes use a little humour to get my message across but the underlying message is always very, very serious, as we are, in our determination to help the most vulnerable women in our communities.

Now to the serious business. I think, and I hope you all agree, that to even have the discussion about “period poverty” in 21st century UK is an absolute failure on behalf of the people who ultimately make the choices about the type of society in which we find ourselves. However, we will not allow “these people” to continue down this path of injustice without a little prick (or big prick) to their consciences every now and then.

Currently Period Power is supplying almost 50 charities and schools in the Staffordshire area. These include foodbanks, women’s refuges, charities for asylum seekers and refugees, homeless charities, children’s charities, mental health charities etc. However, we are now facing one of the biggest challenges to us to date. We are trying to supply all the high schools in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme with sanitary pads. This is one of the most emotive challenges which we face. Hundreds of young women (because they are women once they have begun the “bloody” arduous task of menstruation) are losing many days each month because they simply do not have access to basic sanitary protection. These young women are our future.

We will be successful in our attempts to achieve this mammoth task, but we will always need the help of you guys as we need to get the message across to the people who make decisions, and this can be done if YOU just give us a little of your time and speak to people who may be in a position to change government policy (you know who I mean).

I have been told to keep this concise and interesting so maybe I should shut up right now and let you digest what you have just read. Just a word of warning though, I may get a little more graphic in my future posts. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

In solidarity


Linda Allbutt


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