September blog

Since my last blog we have been so busy that there are barely
enough hours in a day.
We are now into a new school term and our main task for
the next few weeks is to get stock into our Primary and High
Schools (over 190). As you may be aware, our previous
Chancellor made a statement in the House of Commons saying
that from September, 2019 all high schools would be supplied
with sanitary products so that all girls would get full access to
education and not have to take time off if they could not afford
the necessary protection. However, things have changed and
primary schools have now been included in this promise but the
roll out has now been delayed until January 2020.
We, at Period Power, will continue to support all of our local
schools until this promise has been fulfilled.
We will be watching the current Chancellor and any future
Chancellors to make sure that this promise is not reneged on.

We are also working very closely with a number of groups to
encourage as many employers to be Period Dignity employers
and to place pads and tampons in all of their staff toilets.
We feel that sanitary products in toilets should be as commonplace
as soap and toilet paper. As has often been said on our Facebook
page……If men had periods then they would be in every public
and staff toilet in the country.

Maybe you could do your bit by encouraging your employer to
be a Period Dignity employer.

Speak soon.

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