Pre-use Mooncup blog by our fabulous testers

From now on, our wonderful testers will be updating our site with some insights based on their experiences with the Mooncup. We aren’t advocating that everyone should use them, but we do want women to realise that there are alternatives that are more ecological and can save money over time.

Both our testers agreed to do a very short ‘pre-use’ statement, outlining their thoughts before they started to use the Mooncup.

We are very grateful to both Surina and Shakira.

 Tester 1.

The worries so far are; if you can use in the bath? I guess so as same principles as a tampon? I don’t do swimming so not overly fussed….little nervous about toxic shock but if its a game changer; I can live with my anxiety over that….
I have read I don’t need to take it out when I go for a wee which is always a bonus! Haha….feeling a bit apprehensive about how long the stem will be and if I need to cut it that I am mindful not to cut it too short so I can still have enough to pull it out with! Haha!! 😂 I still have a couple of weeks left before I can actually try it out but am excited to hopefully have a cleaner period!

Tester 2.

In a few weeks my next period will start and it will be my first time using the Mooncup. I’m definitely a little nervous, I’ve never really tried anything like this before, so the unfamiliarity of the Mooncup has raised a fair few questions! I’m still unsure of how to know if it’s in properly, or how to take it out to clean or once I’m done using it. I’m curious if I will be comfortable exercising with it, or if I can use it in the bath. I’ve read that it can help reduce pain from cramps, so hopefully I will see an reduction with cramp pain.

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