November Blog

In my last blog I told you all about us being chosen by Tesco Bags of Help to be one of three charities to have a place in three local stores, Trent Vale, Hartshill and Newcastle-under-Lyme. We are now in our third week of this particular Bags of Help and I have had to stop myself from going into all three shops almost every day. We still need you all to #PopYourTokeninourBox each and every time you go into any of the three shops mentioned as we need as much support as possible to continue with our work with all the local schools and charities. This continues until the end of December and fingers crossed we will do well. Good luck to the other charities involved in our stores…….
Did I really say that??

On another note completely. As you are aware, we have and are continuing to supply our local high schools with sanitary pads. We have now been asked if we can roll this out to our local primary schools. As you can imagine, there are many more primary schools than high schools so this is going to be a mammoth task for us to fulfil. However, in saying that, we will fulfil this commitment and are already beginning to call into our primary schools with stocks of pads. Our very own Cllr. Ruth Rosenau has been working very hard with her local Council and this has given us the information and support we need to get this to happen more quickly than would normally be the case. We have also been given the backing of Cllr. Jeremy Pert of Stafford Borough Council and Tracy Redpath, Corporate Business and Partnerships Manager of Stafford Borough Council who have arranged funding so that we can support our primary schools in the Stafford area. Without this kind of support from Councillors and Unions we would struggle to support the young girls in our area who have no access to sanitary protection.

In my next blog I will tell you all about the local groups who are supporting us with fundraising events and who have named us as their Christmas Charity. A massive thank you to all our donors, especially the individuals who give to us on a regular monthly basis. Without you guys I would be twiddling my thumbs wondering how to fill my days. Hey ho.

One final announcement, and what an announcement. We are delighted to inform you that we have a new Patron in Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North. Chris is an extremely hard-working MP and is committed to doing the very best for his constituents.
He is also very aware of the dreadful choices facing so many women each month…. buy food or sanitary products. We are so proud that he has agreed to support us in our fight to end #periodpoverty.

Take care everyone and keep following us and supporting us….. please. xx

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