Meet our Eco-Warrior Verity.

I’m delighted, as one of Period Power’s trustees, to have been entrusted with special responsibility for environmental policy and projects.

I look forward to working with fellow trustees, partner agencies, suppliers and sponsors to ensure that environmental responsibility and sustainability are at the forefront of our ethos, and that we make buying choices, where practically and economically possible, that reflect this commitment.

Our primary objective is, as ever, to address the short term problems that disempower women suffering the indignity and negative consequences of period poverty. At the moment we do so by providing products which meet this need for all of those we supply.

At Period Power we’re constantly reviewing the way we work and the choices we make in order to promote sustainability and minimise our impact on the environment.

My role has been created specifically with this in mind. The trustees agree that by initiating a project which offers those women and girls who express an interest the opportunity to learn about and access ethically sourced, reusable products we will widen women’s choice whilst at the same time improving understanding of the benefits of sustainable products and providing economic independence from period poverty that access to these products can bring.


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