March Blog

Again, it’s been a very busy few weeks. The roll out of delivering to primary schools has taken up a lot of time so I’m incredibly grateful that we have some really great volunteers. Massive thanks to Shaz, Cheryl, Annemarie and Hannah for helping to get these deliveries out within a very short time.

We have started to supply the schools in Rugeley, and Hannah has been busy delivering to these while Annemarie is helping with deliveries in the Newcastle    area. As usual, Shaz has been busy delivering in the Walsall area.

Once all the schools have received their first deliveries we will have supplied 118 primary schools in the Staffordshire area together with the 46 high schools which we have been supplying over the last twelve months.

Hopefully now that the Chancellor has pledged to supply all high schools with menstrual products we will be able to move into other areas with the roll out for primary schools. However, I fear that there may be caveats attached to this pledge and I would like to see this pledge rolled out to all primary schools also.

Let’s wait and see and my message to all of the high schools which we supply is that we will always be here to support you and that there are never any caveats attached to our support.

Since my last blog we have been covered on BBC Midlands Today and from this coverage we have been contacted by many groups asking for our help and many others offering their support so all in all it’s been a very busy few weeks.

Looking ahead, we are in the process of organising a Period Poverty Conference in Stoke-on-Trent on 6th June and I will be letting you know more about this at a later stage. This has been made possible due to  funding from the Tampon Tax Fund and we will be working with New Vic Borderlines in Stoke-on-Trent and hopefully it will be a great success.

One last point. I saw a post on Facebook recently saying that we should stop using the terms sanitary products, women’s hygiene products and other similar terms as these suggest something that is unsanitary and unhygienic. Menstruation is a very normal bodily function and should not be considered unsanitary in anyway. From now I will (hopefully) remember to call these products menstrual products. If I forget please feel free to call me out.

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