We have been tagged in on many posts about the Scottish government supplying all their high schools with sanitary products. We have pushed and pushed our government to do the same with absolutely no response. So we think this is a good time to announce our next project. Period Power will do for our schools what our government refuses to do.
We aim to supply every high school that needs our help in Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stafford with sanitary protection for all the students in need.
We have already begun to supply a number of schools in these areas but there are still many to supply. This is where you guys can help.
Firstly if you have any connections or contacts with your local high school please let us know.
Secondly…..and I am sure you know what’s coming……we will need more funding for this. You can donate here on our website under the donate section, or why not check out our Facebook page, Period Power @alallbutt where you can also donate.

This campaign is called #AllOurSchools Please support us.

Linda Allbutt at Ormiston Meridian Academy, Sandon Road, Meir.

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