A short post period blog – mooncup use

Post period little blog;
I have a tilted womb (retroverted uterus) so was /is a little more tricky I would imagine than those ladies who don’t……..instead of upwards and backwards mine just seems to go straight along……?!
I still stick by the positioning issue, squat or leg op doesn’t seem to work for me, so flat on the bed it is, that’s fine assuming I don’t need to empty it whilst out……..! I am sure it’s something that I can hopefully change in time but for now it works. For a couple of days there was very slight leakage so still at present need a pad to make sure but thinking of washable ones if I still need them long term…….still, it’ll save a lot of money in the long run and the vast bulk of it is in the cup.
One bonus was I took less paracetamol for the pain, so that’s a very good advantage- less pain is brill! So I’m so pleased! Also the moon cup is a hell of a lot cleaner…! Impressed on the whole so far. Will update next month xxxxx

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