2018, what we have done so far….

Well it’s that time of year again when we let you know where your money has been spent. It’s been a ridiculously busy year and we have supported the following groups. It’s a long list so be patient.
Elizabeth Trust
Newcastle Foodbank Warehouse.. 6 in total
Stoke-on-Trent Foodbank Warehouse.. 15 in total
Staffs University Foodhub
Alice Charity, Newcastle
Harwich Foodbank
Burton Hope
ASHA Shelton
Julia House
Citizens Advice
Sanctus, Shelton
Cannock Foodbank
Cheadle Foodbank
Newcastle District Children’s Centre
Rising Brook Baptist church, Stafford
The Signpost Centre, Stafford
Crewe Foodbank
Staffordshire Women’s Aid, Stafford
Arch, North Staffs
The Homeless Project, Stafford
Biddulph Foodbank
Midland Heart, Stafford
St. Michael’s Church, Chell
Lyme Trust, Newcastle
No.11, Burslem
Affordable Foods, Blurton
House of Bread, Stafford
Zynthia Academy, Leicester
Citizens Advice
Silito Housing, Stoke
St. Mary’s Church, Stafford
Silkmore Children’s Centre, Stafford
Tamworth Children’s Centre
Cannock Children’s Centre
East Staffs Children’s Centre
Lichfield Children’s Centre
South Staff’s Children’s Centre
Staffordshire Moorlands Children’s Centre
Ruff and Ruby, Hanley
Helping Handbags, Haughton, Stafford
Fenton Health Centre
The Zone Community Centre, Biddulph.

We have also supplied 30 high schools and colleges and by the end of next week we will also have supplied over 50 primary schools.

This is down to the generosity of you guys and your continued support on social media. We have also been very fortunate in receiving some great donations from many Unions and individual Councillors. To check these out please go to our website www.periodpower.org and search ‘Donors’ 

This year we have had some great support from our volunteers Cheryl, Shahin and Birgit and many collections made by individuals throughout the area. Thank you all so much.

I have to mention our Trustees, Cllr Ruth Rosenau, Cllr Sue Moffat, Verity Venter and Rose Hunter. These guys have been a great support and have given hours of their time every week so that we can continue with our work. I’m proud to be associated with each and every one of them.

The biggest thanks though has to be to you guys for your continued support in helping us to ease the pain of #periodpoverty.

Much love to you all xx

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  1. I have just listened to you talking on BBC WM and would like to help in some way. I live in Walsall area. I’m just going to make a donation to start with. Sue Griffin

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